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Client Testimonials

Sharon Hipkin (Civil Servant)
Hi, why personal train? It all started when I kept getting injuries from running. I became my physio's number one client. It slowly dawned on me that I needed to do something quick, and by recommendation I rang Dave and have never looked back and it's easier to run forward. Dave plans each session and each one is always different so there's no chance of getting bored. This makes for each session to be challenging, fun and testing. Recently I got a chance to see how all this has helped with my running. I entered a local 10K race at Heaton Park, which was 2 laps of an undulating course (even got the terminology now!) and ran it in my best time ever with a sprint finish at the end! I'm still in shock.

Phil Eaton (Company Director)
I engaged Dave as my personal trainer with a view to losing weight and regaining fitness levels, which are so easily lost in a life of hectic business and sports inactivity.

The problem facing most of us is that we have good intentions but don't see them through. I have found that the discipline of training appointments and the motivation from Dave has enabled me to achieve targets that I had previously found impossible.

Tony Tesciuba (Partner - National Firm of Accountants)
Dave is a great trainer. He helps me to get the best out of every session - taking me safely to the limit of what I can do. I try to make progress in my weights and running each visit, and I achieve this without any injuries. I simply could not do this on my own. Dave gives me the motivation and knows just what I can do. We have a varied and interesting program and a stretching routine to keep me supple. I can now run further and faster than I have ever done in my life. At 44 years old I feel as fit as I should have done 20 years ago!

I have lost 10kg and put on muscle. People comment on how much better I look, and I feel it. You will achieve far more with a personal trainer than you ever could in a gym on your own. I thoroughly recommend it!

Your fitness! Your way!

The friendly one-to-one way of training has helped me improve my overall fitness, confidence, knowledge, and enjoy my running even more"

We can help with weight loss, muscle toning, running fitness, strength training & core strength

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